More Than Website Performance & Security

The VanwaTech CDN was built to provide unstoppable security and ultra fast website performance in a single package that customers know they can rely on. On top of this platform; VanwaTech CDN goes further than just performance and security adding additional functionality and features ranging from Automatic SSL, Load Balancing, Code Optimization, Bot Protection, Native Analytics, and more! Learn more below.

Unlimited Bandwidth

  • 3.5Tb/s DDoS Protection
  • Layer 7 Protection
  • Edge Caching
  • Automatic SSL
  • Load Balancing
  • Code Optimizations
  • Bot Protection
  • Native Analytics
  • Hidden Service Mirror


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Unstoppable DDoS Protecion

With over 3,500Gb/s of global filtering capacity there is no attack that the VanwaTech CDN can not stop. More than just claims - our CDN has been battle tested in some of the toughest environments and currently protects some of the most targetted websites in the world.

More than just raw bandwidth filtering - VanwaTech CDN digs deep into the packets themselves; learning and adapting in real time to even the most advanced attack methods.

Real Edge Caching

VanwaTech CDN offers true content caching at the edge - not just client side caching headers that some other CDNs set. This enables consistent high performance page loads - even on first loads; not just on recurring loads.

Our unique caching system is able to disconnect the edge cache from the origin service performance. This features allows the CDN to convert any dynamic page generation for example; a WordPress page rendering of 3 seconds - into a static file that loads to visitors in 100ms.

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Automatic SSL and HTTP/2

TLS, commonly known as SSL, is a requirement for online security ranging from PCI compliance to online banking - but also for any website that wants to have secure data transmission from their visitors.

The VanwaTech CDN makes it easy to run HTTPS on your website by issuing and operating an HTTPS instance for every website on the CDN by default. Certicates are issued within 60 seconds and are dedicated to your website; not shared like some other CDNs. HTTP/2 is enabled by default to make your website not only secure, but fast as well.

Intelligent Load Balancing

The VanwaTech CDN can load balance your website across multiple origin resources behind the scenes while still retaining a single front end service and address. This makes horizontally scaling your web service simple and easy.

Going beyond just basic load distribution; our load balancers continually check the health status of every origin and will reroute traffic to available POPs in the case that one or more origin servers go down.

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Source Code Optimizations

The VanwaTech CDN is capable of performing optimizations to your website's performance by modifying the actual source code itself. HTML, CSS, and JS code is rewritten to remove excess whitespace, comments, and rewrite or cache-extend images referenced in files.

Images are optimized by re-encoding them into a browser optimized WebP format, removing excess pixels, and inlining small images. Generic data level compression algorithms like gzip and Brotli are also enabled standard.

Real-Time Bot Protection

Bots can be disruptive to a website in many ways; whether it's unintended crawling, spam, or even DDoS attacks on a specific website function. Bots are a continuous and growing problem that face lots of website owners.

VanwaTech CDN allows you to crush bots at the edge with the click of a button without any configuration of your website or origin service. Simply enable the bunker mode in your control panel and all website visitors will be verified before being able to access the website.

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Native Analytics

Collect native analytics about your website's performance and operations without invading user privacy or depending on 3rd party tracking services that often don't fully capture user engagement.

VanwaTech CDN gives you a quick glance into your website's bandwidth, response codes, error codes; in real time. To ensure that you are always informed on your website's operations.

Hidden Service Mirror

Online censorship, anonymity, and privacy is a problem for the majority of people living in 3rd world nations, but lesser effects can be felt in even some modern nations.

VanwaTech CDN leverages the power of emerging technologies like Tor to ensure that your website has the most access. All websites on the VanwaTech CDN automatically and instantly get their own hidden service that can be accessed on the Tor Network!

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