Website and Email Hosting Without Compromise

Our web hosting packages were designed with the simplicity and ease of use of the other major web hosting platforms; but with the goal of removing the compromise around both pricing and primarily performance. Our fully featured solution leaves no weak link in your online presence. Find out some features included on all of our web hosting packages below.

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Free SSL Certificates

TLS, commonly known as SSL, is a requirement for online security ranging from PCI compliance to online banking - but also for any website that wants to have secure data transmission from their visitors.

Our web hosting solution makes it easy to run HTTPS on your website by issuing and operating an SSL certificate for every website by default. Certicates are issued within 60 seconds and are dedicated to your website; not shared like some other providers. This process is entirely automated.

Zero Setup

Our web hosting solution works right out of the box. No need to install any software or setup any systems. PHP, HTML, MySQL, and more are supported right out of the box.

Simply add your domains, add your website files, and you are ready to go! Furthermore; for websites like WordPress we have an automated WordPress installation system.

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100Gb/s DDoS Protection

All web hosting & email plans come with advanced 100Gb/s DDoS protection by default. While this is not as powerful as the 3,500Gb/s protection available with the VanwaTech CDN it is able to mitigate well over 99% of attacks and will be just fine for most customers.

For those who require additionally DDoS protection, that is something we offer and can of course be achieved through use with the VanwaTech CDN which is highly compatible and shares a direct back link to our web hosting plans.

2nd Gen AMD EPYC Processors

We use only the latest 2nd Gen AMD Epyc processors in all of our web hosting server racks to ensure consistent maximum performance in both multithreaded and single threaded applications.

All of our servers use dedicated fully rated cooling systems and are never underclocked to ensure that you are getting the full use of the hardware you are paying for.

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RAID 10 SSD Storage

Data loss can never be fully prevented - but there are techniques that can be implemented at the hardware level that will reduce the likelihood of data loss. We do this by setting up all storage in a RAID 10 array. This means that if one or more drives fails - there is still a copy of your data that can be recovered.

While data loss risk management is important; ensuring that you can adequetly use the data you have stored is equally as important. Our use of a RAID 10 array, as opposed to RAID 1 for example ensures that data is not only secure, but also very fast to read and write; in this case upwards of 10X the performance of a single SSD drive.

Unmetered Gigabit

All of our web hosting plans come with a fully unmetered gigabit connection. We operate our own routers, networks, and ASN and provide you with a diverse premium blend of upstream carriers to ensure that your traffic is fast and consistent.

Truly unmetered with no day-time throttling, or monthly data caps.

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Central US Location

All of our web hosting servers are located in our main compute hub in Dallas, Texas. This central location ensures that connectivity is good to any major city in the US and globally as well.

Furthermore, this allows us to offer the maximum degree of free speech permissible by US law. As long as you aren't breaking US law; your server won't be suspended.

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