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Dedicated KVM Servers on our DDoS Protected Network

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Full KVM virtualization within our bulletproof US datacenter

CPU Dedicated Cores Memory Storage Bandwidth Networking Price
EPYC 7702P 1 Dedicated Core 8GB 80GB SSD, RAID 10 1000Mb/s 1x IPv4 & IPv6


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Ryzen 5900 1 Dedicated Core 4GB 40GB NVME 1000Mb/s 1x IPv4 & IPv6


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EPYC 7252 1 Dedicated Core 48GB 120GB SSD, RAID 5 1000Mb/s 1x IPv4 & IPv6


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Real-World Features and Capabilities

True KVM

Our servers are built with enterprise production standards in mind. All server resources are solely dedicated to the customer and never oversold. This ensures you always have the resources available that you need whenever you need them.

To guarantee this, we use only KVM virtualization as opposed to OpenVZ for example, which is commonly used in the industry. OpenVZ not only shares resources, but limits server functionality. KVM does full emulation and all resources are always dedicated. What this means for you as a customer is that your servers have the highest performance, security, and functionality when you need it.

Battle Tested Protection

With over 100Gb/s of global filtering capacity there is no attack that the VanwaTech network can not stop. More than just claims - our network has been battle tested in some of the toughest environments and currently protects some of the most targetted websites in the world.

More than just raw bandwidth filtering - VanwaTech digs deep into the packets themselves; learning and adapting in real time to even the most advanced attack methods.

Elastic Scalability

Find out that your app grew faster than you expected and you need more resources? With our cloud platform you don't have to worry about buying another server and rebuilding your codebase - not to mention the potential downtime associated with that.

We can upgrade your server to any amount of RAM, CPU, or Disk Space that you need instantly without any migrations or downtime. Just reboot your server when you are ready for the resource upgrade to be applied after purchase.

Latest Hardware

We use only the latest AMD in all of our cloud server racks to ensure consistent maximum performance in both multithreaded and single threaded applications.

All of our servers use dedicated fully rated cooling systems and are never underclocked to ensure that you are getting the full use of the hardware you are paying for.

Redundant Storage

Data loss can never be fully prevented - but there are techniques that can be implemented at the hardware level that will reduce the likelihood of data loss. We do this by setting up all storage in a RAID 5 or 10 array. This means that if one or more drives fails - there is still a copy of your data that can be recovered.

While data loss risk management is important; ensuring that you can adequetly use the data you have stored is equally as important. Our use of a RAID 5 or 10 array, as opposed to RAID 1 for example ensures that data is not only secure, but also very fast to read and write; in this case upwards of 10X the performance of a single SSD drive.

Central US Location

All of our cloud servers are located in our main compute hub in Dallas, Texas. This central location ensures that connectivity is good to any major city in the US and globally as well. Furthermore, this allows us to offer the maximum degree of free speech permissible by US law. As long as you aren't breaking US law; your server won't be suspended.